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E-sports gaming industry is hot, Las Vegas casinos consider entering e-sports

E-sports gaming industry is hot, Las Vegas casinos consider entering e-sports

According to the statistics, in 2016 the electronic athletics abundant color amount surpasses 590,000,000 US dollars, including 93% to come from on-line abundant color website production.Estimated in 2017, in the electronic athletics abundant color amount looked 1,500,000,000 US dollars, the tendency is strong, attracts various manufacturer to eye covetously.At present also has the news to spread, the Nevada state Las Vegas gambling establishment also intends in the electronic athletics on-line abundant color market to insert the flag, sharing this piece of cake.

In 2016 the electronic athletics abundant color involves the amount to surpass 590,000,000 US dollars, 93% piece are competes in the abundant color website in the electricity to pour from the top the production.Is same with the traditional sports profession, the people pour from the top for competition both sides bet respective victory and loss, distinguishes on lies in the bottom pouring the thing is only the electronic athletics troop.

Estimated to 2017, the electricity will compete the profession gambling amount to achieve 1,500,000,000 US dollars, the growth tendency will be swift and violent.Under the traditional line the gambling establishment once competed to the giant electricity the abundant color market to look but not see, but recently many gambling establishments all or soon expanded own on-line service, for instance on-line playing cards, settled a dispute the game from the type somewhat to approach.

In fact, Nevada state gambling managed the board of directors once to decide that, whether will join the electronic athletics to the bottom pouring classification in decided whether the gambling establishment could accept the electronic athletics abundant color.If the electronic athletics competition were recognized is the sports sports event, then will be able to compete the competition bottom pouring in Las Vegas’s gambling establishment to the electricity, otherwise electronic athletics will also need to seek the legalization the authorization.

Las Vegas

“I believed the electricity will compete the abundant color intrinsic in to reach the Chinese state in several months to start the operation, only if the gambling policy committee said, that will be a bad thing.Or we thought permits it is not a great idea.” Gambling manages the board of directors President A.G. Burnett said in the previous month.“Lets my impression profoundly is each people all approves it (electricity to compete abundant color), each people all agreed the electricity competes the competition to be possible to use for to pour from the top.We are truly are prompting forward.”

How did Nevada state gambling manage the board of directors once to hold in the conference in May to discuss has treated the electronic athletics the abundant color form, possibly as well as brought risk and injury.

At present, the casino believes that e-sports have two difficulties in betting: setting odds and monitoring the game. Traditional sports do not lack experts and a large number of information channels to average the odds, but the growing e-sports does not have enough professional manpower to control users’ bets, and the information on the top events is not so public.

Also some question is, how holds a contestant and the audience all not completely legal age activity in the gambling establishment? 

Las Vegas all already conducted the charging to compete the sports event, including “League of Legends” LCS spring match North America area finals and annual EVO wrestle game big game.

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