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Dwayne Bravo persuaded Mumbai Indians in IPL 2010 to sign Kieron Pollard

Dwayne Bravo persuaded Mumbai Indians in IPL 2010 to sign Kieron Pollard

All thanks to the Indian Premier League, we get to see young cricketers from abroad competing against each other on Indian soil. Each player is unique in a way, some of them have been our favorites, including David Warner, Kane Williamson, Chris Gayle, Dwayne Bravo, and many others.

Kieron Pollard, the giant hitter, has shone most when sporting the Indian Premier League’s blue jersey of Mumbai Indians. The all-rounder was an essential part of Mumbai Indians at the 2010 IPL bid after they scouted him.

Not many are aware that it was Dwayne Bravo, which was the reason behind Mumbai Indians buying the all-rounder. It was Bravo who nearly forced Mumbai Indians to get Pollard and played a crucial role in giving Kieron Pollard a big Indian Premier League breakthrough.

Recently, during a chat with Harsha Bhogle, Dwayne Bravo revealed that he came up with a suggestion for the franchise when Mumbai Indians were looking for a replacement for him and told them to go to Kieron Pollard. Mumbai Indians failed to sign Kieron Pollard, however, and they ended up signing on to Dwayne Smith.

But in the following year, during the Hyderabad Champions League, Bravo again suggested the name of Pollard because of his impeccable performances for Trinidad & Tobago, where he smashed 146 runs for Trinidad & Tobago in five innings at a blistering 197.29 strike rate. That’s why Bravo suggested the franchise to pick him up, and they eventually selected Pollard out of USD 200k at the time.

Bravo also disclosed how they called Pollard in the lobby immediately after Mumbai Indians had an interest in signing him up. As per Bravo, he was left shocked when Kieron saw the contract worth 200,000.

Kieron has made his presence known for the franchise from his debut match for Mumbai Indians. Kieron Pollard has scored 273 runs in 14 games in his franchise debut season, along with picking up 15 wickets.

Today, Pollard is one of the Indian Premier League’s most deadly all-rounders, and his stats make him among the best.