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Decrypt Baccarat’s high winning rate strategy

Saying that we introduced Baccarat’s “Roadmap” technique and several famous “betting methods” last time, someone asked: “Apart from these, are there any strategies to improve the winning rate?”

The answer is: yes.

As mentioned in the “Reading the Roadmap” Code, Baccarat has specific logical rules. If P represents Player, B represents Banker. The following two modes present all card changes:

Banker and Player continuously exchange wins and losses (P B P B P)

Banker and Player keep winning streak until they are interrupted (BBBBB / PPPPPP)

So you can use the various presentation results of the cards to help improve your chances of success.

Therefore, someone has come up with three tricks with a higher win rate, let’s take a look:


Unilateral (one-sided) bets


What is unilateral betting? It is fixed under “Bankers” or fixed under “Players”.


Because “Bankers” or “Players” is on the card path, there will be a particular stage that will start to generate a winning streak and create an advantage. This is relatively unknown. Eight out of ten cards will appear, so one side wins. The possibility is indeed extremely high.


In terms of winning rate:

  • When betting on one side: the average winning probability is about 1/3 (winner)
  • When betting on one side: the chance of your bet staying at the level is about 1/4 (no loss or no win)
  • The chance of losing money is about 5/12 (relatively low)


However, to implement the unilateral betting method, it is best to set a limit of loss. The master said: When starting a new roadmap, remember the key is to “stand firmly” and never let yourself lose more than three times in a row. If it is exceeded, it is best to stop the bet first, wait for the opponent to lose the winning streak, and then restart the bet.


Since a losing point is set, it is best to set a stop profit point (target winning streak), that is to say, as long as this streak number is reached, you can stop. Although you can’t stop a person who was winning to continue betting, and of course they hope to continue to win all the way, but if the counterattack of the opponent’s winning streak is ushered in next time, can it still be sustained?


Experts also suggest that players can set a five-time winning streak as a benchmark. Don’t waste time on expendable fights. The funds and time are inexhaustible. It’s better to restart the game again. Starting a new roadmap more beneficial to the person performing this gameplay.


Experts also remind players that if they prefer to bet on “Bankers”, most of the casinos have a 5% commission charge in the baccarat game. If they encounter a “Player” consecutive win or advantage high cards, the burden may increase.


Some people may insist that according to statistical calculations, the win rate of “Bankers” is close to 51%, and the win rate of “Players” is about 49%. However, judging by the average bettors playing at most two or three games a day, such a high win rate is not necessarily. It will not happen that casino operators are not so stupid.


So, the point is still not superstitious!


As long as you can stop at the three-game losing streak, you will have the opportunity to turn over. You will even be able to add chips at the critical points of the winning streak. This judgment is left to the player to understand. Experts also suggest that if you encounter two three-game losing streaks, then it is better not to play first, go and take a break!


Roadmap trend


It is the “Reading the roadmap” mentioned earlier. The difference is that there was no mention of the “short zigzag” and “long stripe” roadmap last time. Bankers/Players did not win consistently; it’s a long mix strip of “Bankers” and “Players”.


The roadmap was continually switching between “Bankers” and “Player”. If you have a three-game losing streak, you must quickly change to another trend to bet, and then continue to observe whether it is following the roadmap.


The stop loss point of this game must be set a little higher because it takes time to verify the trend. The master recommends “12 consecutive losses” and “8 consecutive wins.” If you can grasp the chance of winning in a row, don’t hesitate to double your bet, the master estimates that the final target profit is about 65% of the possibility. Even if it is not achieved, the probability of winning is 85% of the average of three games.


Martingale strategy


Nearly 90% of all baccarat’s roadmap trends are composed of short zigzag and long stripes. This strategy is to double stake when predicting that the card may be jagged and lose that round.


For example: After the “Bankers” has a two-game winning streak, he quickly double stakes the bet on the “Players”. When the “Bankers” made another two-game winning streak for the second time, he promptly doubled stake the bet on the “Players”. In the second straight game, the same reason can be proved, and then double the stake on “Bankers”. Repeat this step, and you will soon reach the three-game winning goal recommended by the master.


The stop loss point of this betting method is best to set at a nine-game losing streak, or when a long stripe-shaped card begins to appear, you can choose to hold back first and wait for it to return to the short zigzag trend, or you can leave the game immediately. However, the master speculates that after the strong long stripes usually appear, the short zigzag comes quickly afterwards. You may wish to verify it.


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