DBLX hires former Head of R&D Amazon and bet365 head, Dan Macklin | Play slots and baccarat at online baji live casino

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DBLX hires former Head of R&D Amazon and bet365 head, Dan Macklin

DBLX hires former Head of R&D Amazon and bet365 head, Dan Macklin

Dan Macklin at Amazon Web Services has been driving innovation since 2018. He had previously been Head of Applied Innovation at Lloyds Bank, and Head of R&D at bet365. DBLX hired him to speed up its strategy to innovate and deliver.

Macklin was a senior member of Amazon Web Services ‘UK innovation department, where he partnered with key customers to discover and fill holes in AWS’ product offerings. He previously served as Head of Applied Technology Innovation at Lloyds Banking Group. He worked in several senior technology positions at bet365 for more than six years, ending up as Head of R&D for bet365 globally. Dan was responsible for leading high-performance teams in both of these roles to develop and deliver innovative technologies at a global scale effectively.

Dan Macklin will report directly to CEO Gareth Mobley and serve on the executive board of the company where he will lead the engineering plan for MCG/DBLX with a particular emphasis on innovation. He will work to strengthen and grow our industry’s leading tools and solutions for learning, engagement and collaboration, helping companies unlock the potential of remote and site-based workers while ensuring that they scale up to meet increasingly growing demand.

MCG and DBLX next steps of the journey must shape this for many years to come. Dan enjoyed getting to know the enthusiastic DBLX team and understanding how the products are growing the capabilities of the customers and their employees. The world is evolving, and technology forms the work’s future. Employee engagement will play a central role in improving productivity and workplace enjoyment, particularly now that millions are used to working from home.

At the beginning of April, Macklin joined DBLX at an exciting time for the organization that has experienced enormous growth in the past year.