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CPL 2020: FanCode partners with CPL to to live stream all the matches

CPL 2020: FanCode partners with CPL to to live stream all the matches

FanCode,  the first multi-sport aggregator platform of India by Dream Sports, has partnered with the Caribbean Premier League (CPL T20) to live stream all the games exclusively. This year’s event started on 18th August.

FanCode will provide fans of CPL with a complete digital experience via a range of features like live streaming with interactive data overlays, interactive live scores with multimedia commentaries, real-time highlights and even provide the first personalized commentary of India for fantasy sports users.

This CPL’s comprehensive digital experience will be made available via the industry-first offering of FanCode – Match Pass and Tour Pass. 

Since COVID-19 lockdown, CPL will be the first major stream T20 cricket league to resume. The CPL matches will start at 7:30PM (IST Time) on every match day in its 8th edition.

Launching with CPL, FanCode’s consumer-first features being rolled out to CPL fans includes interactive data overlays that enable fans to customize the data they want to see as an overlay when watching the live stream.

For the first time for cricket in India, fans will also have the option and versatility to subscribe to the certain content they want for the CPL via Match Pass for match-wise access, while the Tour Pass for access to the whole tournament.

Sports enthusiasts would not be forced to pay a monthly or annual subscription fee for the entire platform to watch their favorite tournament or a game of their choice.

Talking about the latest features that improve the sports fan experience on FanCode, FanCode’s co-founder Yannick Colaco said that they are pleased to have the opportunity to provide Indian cricket fans with comprehensive coverage of CPL. Continuing with their dedication to providing sport fans with better experiences by leveraging the potential of digital, they will carry out features such as interactive data overlays on live feed, personalized commentary, and comprehensive analysis of match progress. He added that they will keep putting the fan at the forefront of everything they do with Match and Tour Pass, giving them the flexibility to choose and decide what they want to subscribe to.

Commercial Director of CPL T20 Jamie Stewart told the media that, “It’s a great pleasure to have Hero CPL 2020 available live on Fancode for the first time. With a match coming into India during prime time on each day of the tournament, the opportunities for our fans there to enjoy all the fun and excitement of the “biggest party in sport” just got bigger. As Official Streaming Partner (FanCode),  fans of CPL know exactly where to go to get their fill of the action.”