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Betway Responsible Gambling Tools

Betway Responsible Gambling Tools

Betway has made a steadfast commitment to helping their punters “stay in control” of their gambling, and to allow them to do that, they have introduced several Responsible Gambling Tools to assist them when using the website.

The services have been available on the internet for some time. In recent years, due to the Covid-19 pandemic and also the more significant regulations on problem gambling levied by the UK government. It has put the onus on betting sites and operators to ensure that their customers have access to software and apps to help them play responsibly.

To this end, Betway provides clients with a variety of different solutions to help them with their gambling if appropriate.

Deposit Limits – These are limitations that can be set by the consumer, meaning they can not make a higher value deposit over a given period than a fixed sum, such as, for example, £50 a day.

Session Reminders – One of the biggest problems gamblers have is that they lose track of time on gaming sites and spend much longer than they expected too. With Session Updates in use, players are reminded of just how long they have spent on the web at different stages.

Take a break – When a customer thinks their gambling is beginning to become a problem, or they want to quit playing gambling for a short time because they don’t want the temptation to gamble there, then one choice is to take a break with Betway. Here you can stop yourself from accessing your account and the web for a defined period (as the customer has decided). This means you will not be able to log in for the duration you have set when you try to log in.

Account Closure – Closing an individual’s account may be prudent in certain circumstances. Betway allows users to do so through a simple Account Closing process that eliminates their account.