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Betway doesn’t just have sports betting with Betgames

Betway doesn’t just have sports betting with Betgames

The holidays have come and gone, and most of us are back at work.  There is at most limited a little bit of consolation for sports fans. Enthusiasts of cricketing will look forward to another month of cricket action. Football fans should look forward to making the La Liga and English Premier League. Rugby fans will look forward to starting Super Rugby. Look here at some of the other games that are available to play at Betway beyond sports betting.

Betgames is an additional feature allowing for a particular kind of betting. Betgames are live draw games which are played with live dealers every few minutes. Betway Betgames has several different games on offer to watch. Such games include card games such as Baccarat, Bets War and the chance to bet on Poker. The card games are all played on a screen shown with a croupier who deals the cards in real-time. War of Bets is a simple game of cards where either you can bet on the dealer’s card, the player’s card to win. You can also bet that the dealer’s card will be red or black and also that the dealer’s card will match.

This also has the same bets on the player’s card. War of Bets is an entertaining and fast-paced game. Bet on Poker is yet another live dealer card game. The dealer deals out two cards a hand to six players. You can put a bet on any of the hands dealt, or you can make multi bets that you can bet on one pair from a Royal Flush. Baccarat and Dice Duel are two more games at Betgames, with live dealers.

The Betgames remaining games are all number picking games every few minutes with live draws occurring. Those include the Lucky 5, Lucky 6, Lucky 7 and Wheel titles. Bets on card games start from as low as $1 a bet and seeing the cards being dealt when you’ve placed a bet is very exciting. It’s swift to sign up, and Betway will give you a Free bet to sign up.