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Betway Continue Football Growth Involvement in Dagoretti, Kenya

Betway Continue Football Growth Involvement in Dagoretti, Kenya

Lower-tier side Dago Stormers recently took advantage of the expertise of Uefa Sports Scientist Chris Barnes and Supersport United goalkeeping coach Nico Labohm through a webinar organised by BetWay gaming company.

The club was founded by a group of football players who united in Dagoretti with the common aim of reducing violence, idleness and poverty.

The team hires talented musicians and footballers with brilliant ideas that will help not only them but the broader Dagoretti community as well.

For Dago Stormer as a team, the Betway Sports Development project is a dream come true as they got tactical and technical training that will go a long way to improving their game.

Dago Stormer will travel through the different leagues and, hopefully, will one day play in the Kenyan Premier League (KPL). Dago Stormer thanks Betway for considering us taking part in the training.

The webinar on Betway Sports Production will be presented over two days covering sports science and a mentorship programme.

BetWay has dedicated itself to enhancing the level of sports in the country over the past year by helping marginalised teams that might not have the resources and expertise needed to participate nationally. They will continue to push change through the BetWay Community Sports Development Initiative through groundbreaking programmes such as the Betway Youth Development Program and cultivate the sports stars of tomorrow.

Betway also funds Kenya’s Domestic Cup, in addition to funding programmes such as the Youth Development programme.

The sponsorship is part of the global activities of the betting company to support sports, including becoming West Ham’s proud sponsor in the English Premier League and LaLiga’s Levante.