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Betway Bonus & Promotion

Betway has a welcome bonus that can be able upon your first deposit and reported. A welcome bonus provided by Betway is a bonus of 100% on every deposit you make up to 50 euros. So if you deposit 30 euros, you get 30 euros extra free for you to use and place your bets for a total of 60 euros.

This bonus starts working or instead, applies only to first-time deposits above 10 euros and below or equivalent to 50 euros. The welcome bonus also includes a wagering provision that mandates that they wager more than 5 times their initial deposit for all bonus applicants to receive the bonus to ensure that their chances are over 1.75 once they have been accrued. The welcome offer has a 60-day expiry date.

Every incentive provided in Betway’s sports section can also be used in the Vegas section and also in the Casino section. They have a couple of rules to guide their rollovers which makes it possible to get 1000 euros from a 50 euro deposit during a rollover.

There are some things you need to pay attention to when using incentives in Betway ‘s casino area, as different games have different playthrough rules and you need to read and understand them before you approve them. For example, all Red Dog, Craps, Baccarat, Sic Bo and Power Poker games have a percentage of 0%. In contrast, Blackjacks, Casino Battle, Roulettes and Table Pokers have an 8% ratio and all slot games and Parlor games have a 100% ratio.

The other bonus available on Betway includes the Betway Free Bet bonus, where you get €10 in free bets for every time you spend a minimum of €25 bet on football in a week. When you contribute up to €25 betting on football within a week, you get €10 split and disbursed by giving you €5 bets on Saturday and €5 bets on Monday.

If you place bets for NBA in-play games and you end up not winning but in your last score you get around 3 points, you have the chance to either get a refund or a free bet that suits your stakes up to 25 euros. This bonus is known as the NBA Bonus on In-Play. Another bonus they’ve done in Betway is the NHL No Goal Special where you can put a betting sort of win-draw-win on an NHL match.

Today, if your favourite team does not score any goal in the course of the match, you have the chance to either get a refund on your deposit or wager or get a free bet that suits up to 50 euros for your stakes. 

Each time, Betway adds more deals or incentives to their list and most of them only last for a single season so be sure to keep checking on you can keep up to date with the new promotions and bonuses available.