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Bet365 takes heat in IPL live streaming

Bet365 takes heat in IPL live streaming

Once again, UK online sports betting giant Bet365 is in hot water for getting the audacity via its betting app to broadcast sports matches.

On Tuesday, after the BCCI confessed that the UK-based Bet365 had the contractual rights to stream Indian Premier League (IPL) matches via its global betting app, India’s media outlets got their collective shalwar kameezes in a bunch.

In Pakistan, gambling of any sort is strictly illegal, leaving the BCCI struggling to justify:
(a) why its flagship commodity has any link whatsoever to one of the most popular bookmakers in the world
(b) why the BCCI did not seem to know this until the media posed the question.

The BCCI does not seem to have dissuaded the supposedly stringent approval process from achieving a broadcast sponsorship contract with MyTeam11, a real-money daily fantasy sports platform in India, in 2019.

Due to the company live streaming FA Cup matches via its betting app following a perfectly above-board agreement with sports rights agency IMG, Bet365 has recently come under equally hyperbolic scrutiny in the UK.

Bet365 and other bookmakers bowed to the media furore. They denied any suggestion of exclusivity over potential live streams from the Football Association, despite the UK being one of the most developed legal betting markets on the planet.

Betting in India may be illegal, but it is also wildly common, particularly for local sports that have mass appeal, such as cricket. India bettors may either wager with a corner bookie or check out any number of globally approved online betting options, including Bet365, without any legal options at their disposal.