Online gambling has been involved in e-sports blue ocean future e-sports popularity or over-the-top parts | Play slots and baccarat at online baji live casino

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Online gambling has been involved in e-sports blue ocean future e-sports popularity or over-the-top parts

Online gambling has been involved in e-sports blue ocean future e-sports popularity or over-the-top parts

If football is a war in a peaceful age, then in the next ten years, it may be as hot and successful as football, e-sports. E-sports and sports betting share many similar qualities. The popularity of sports, the unpredictability of the game, the passion and controversy reflected in the game are all successful factors after the intervention of gaming. I have to admit that through gaming Many players who did not understand sports and e-sports started to be keen.


Similarities between eSports and football in sports

Let ’s talk about football first. Football brings together the characteristics and essence of human sports. The player’s dribbling, breakthrough, and starting can be regarded as a sprint; the striker’s barb shot (think of the large air wing) can be regarded as gymnastics; the conflict and collision between the players reflect the human instinct and strength Conflict.

In mainstream e-sports games, the characters operated by players will also have these almost same processes. The only difference is that they are physical actions and mental actions, but the experience brought to the brain is the same. Taking the game of dota2 as an example, the player’s hero needs to chase, run away, walk (sprint), kill (shoot), taunt (conflict) in the game, which is almost completely similar to football. This is something other non-eSports games cannot bring to players.

Compared with the popularization of football, e-sports is more popular and easy to participate

One of the reasons why football is popular is that it does not have high physical requirements for the participants. The alien Ronaldo can overweight and can play. The Western Asian teams often have some short but flexible speeds. The players staged a good show of long-distance raids. Think about it differently. If Ronaldo went to gymnastics and the shorter players went to basketball, would that work? In e-sports games, the threshold for participation is wider.

As long as you have a computer and Internet access, you can personally participate in e-sports games to experience the fun of the game. Compared to playing football, you have to find a venue and find a team. As long as you have a computer and can access the Internet, you can participate in e-sports. This is much more convenient than playing football on the football field.

The fierceness of e-sports matches is not inferior to teamwork and football

The hot natural authors of the five major European leagues needless to say. The UEFA Champions League and UEFA Cup is one of hundreds of strong teams in Europe. The most exciting thing is of course the World Cup. The four-year World Cup brings together strong teams from all over the world and interprets the football art of their respective countries. Of course, e-sports does not fall out of the blue. A mature professional team has to participate in at least 10-20 games a year, with an average game ranging from 3 days to more than 2-3 weeks. By no means weaker than a football match.

In terms of teamwork, e-sports players need to consider more team fault tolerance when choosing a hero to play compared to the team tactics brought about by the mature formation system of football. After all, the wrong coach on the football field can change the team to adjust the team’s combat power. In the e-sports game, if the wrong hero is selected, it can’t be changed. This not only requires the professional team’s teamwork, but also Guaranteed the degree of fierce competition.

Gambing involvement makes e-sports as popular as football

Football can become the world’s first sport, and the involvement of online bookmakers is indispensable. Through gambling, many people who do not like football have also begun to pay attention to football, thus studying football’s technical and tactical play, lineup, etc.

For e-sports, an emerging sport, mainstream betting companies have already sponsored some teams, and have received attention at the opening of large-scale games. For example, Dota2 ’s annual TI events (International Invitational Tournament) and the League of Legends ’LPL and S series events are the betting objects of the betting company. From the perspective of gameplay, although the current mainstream gameplay is limited to handicap and win-win games, I believe With the development of e-sports, more fun betting methods will be developed and accepted by the market.

In summary, e-sports will indeed develop to a position as high as today’s football in the future, and may even surpass football. You may not know Maradona and Ronaldo after 00, but when it comes to the League of Legends, it is a rush to try. This is the inevitable development of the times, so do n’t feel too sorry or lamented.

Because the nature of the odds is still determined by the team ’s technical and tactical play, perhaps it takes a lot of time and effort to master the technical and tactical play of a team in football, but in e-sports, as long as you can have an in-depth experience The game is indeed easier to obtain rich research results than the technical and tactical skills of football, which is of great help to your betting judgment in e-sports. E-sports is still a blue ocean in the world.