1xBet defies COVID-19 disruption to retain plans for 2020 | Play slots and baccarat at online baji live casino

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1xBet defies COVID-19 disruption to retain plans for 2020

1xBet defies COVID-19 disruption to retain plans for 2020

It is business as usual for 1xBet, the company said, as it continues to offer stable online services for both players and their B2B customers amid disruption to COVID-19 pandemic.

Although acknowledging that the overall number of betting markets has been “significantly diminished” due to the mass postponement of sports events, 1xBet is adamant that customers will offset the effect of this reduction in revenue across a wide variety of esports markets and more betting options of politics and the weather, and more lotteries and live casino games as well.

It explained that it has not yet been forced to make major changes to the opening hours of offices, but is taking additional measures to protect its employees throughout Europe and Africa. 

1xBet also stressed that it adheres to the product roadmap developed before the COVID-19 outbreak, which includes mobile application and the platform development.

Alex Sommers, Affiliate Marketing Manager 1xBet said that the organization will stick to the plans that they made at the start of the year before the outbreak of COVID-19. He pointed out that the current situation is horrific and has marked every aspect of our lives, not just the online business, and they hope the COVID-19 outbreak will soon be a thing of the past, so that they can get back to how things were.

Sommers concluded and urges all of 1xBet customers to follow the guidelines the World Health Organization (WHO) has put in place to stay at home and avoid close contact with others. Meanwhile they will do whatever they can to make their customers enjoy spending the time in quarantine as enjoyable as possible.