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online casino》SEXY Gaming is now known as AE Sexy

online casino》SEXY Gaming is now known as AE Sexy

The AE Group (Awesome Entertainment) was founded in 2016 and the industry’s charts were soon re-assembled. At the forefront is a visionary with 20 years of manufacturing expertise overseeing his team of more than 200 experts in software gaming, creative designs, marketing communications and many more.

AE has perfected the main technology of digital gaming systems to offer a broad variety of resources such as company administration, website creation, content awareness, smartphone device growth and web design. In fact, they have a broad variety of popular games around the world, such as chess and board games, poker, video play, eSports, arcade gaming and animal wars.

Moreover, the AE Group has a number of international ventures in operation. Currently, the Venus Community in Macau, Philippines and Cambodia offers a range of Venus VIP lounges and offers UUPay quick currency exchange services to all members. We endorse several currencies to enable our members to make physical purchases in the Venus VIP Lounge. Meanwhile, with a substantial volume of funding, our Venus Entertainment City in Cambodia has land-based casinos and a substantial science park to offer one-stop full-service to corporate customers.The company intends to guide the growth of gambling in Asia and to ascend over the top and beyond.

In 2018, the AE Group specifically segmented the business and introduced sub-brands such as AE Chess System Project, AE Lottery System Project, AE eSports System Platform, SexyGaming, NY Lottery and UltraPlay eSports to support players penetrate the business and put their advantages to maximum play. However, Sexy Gaming is being rebranded as AE SEXY now. AE Sexy is committed to supplying their fans with the highest and most authentic online live casino experience with powerful support, proprietary high-end entertainment and mobile development. Their sexy dealers come from North and South America which are wearing bikinis during the whole gaming process. What an attractive way to attract players’ eyeballs. cricket betting

Beside charming and seductive live dealers in hot bikinis, the live dealer game is also rich in features like fast switching between tables, multiple bets on each table and so on. Furthermore, they have designed the baccarat trend map or pattern to enhance user experience. Players can now follow the “dragon” easily by referring to the unique designed icon. Through their unique state-of-the-art audio and video streaming technologies they guarantee the reliability of the platform 24/7 around the clock to liberate players around the globe from time and location restrictions. AE Sexy or previously known as Sexy Gaming will let you enjoy the most thrilling games like never casino game